Welcome to DJ Rodrigo’s website

DJ Rodrigo is a house and progressive house DJ. Using #Serato DJ with a tanker of a controller #VCI-400, he mixes and mashes house music.

Being a family guy he enjoys the company of his wife and family. Treating the world like family too, he DJ’s from his heart making the world feeling the love of house!

Like he quotes, “don’t try to be better then other DJ’s, for everyone has there own way of sharing the love, be yourself and the world will feel your music”

Coming from a rough background, he understands & feels the need of how people need to be relaxed to enjoy the life and tough times that we are in. Music is much better then the abuse of all substance there are.
We all know reality will always be there. And music will be always part of our life.

Working as a full time manager in a local supermarket for long hours, he tends to make time for his family and love of house.

Maintaining the practice and art of DJ’ing he constantly keeps a balance in his personal life. (who says men can’t multi-task?)

He loves technology, and is very clued up computer technology and software. He started DJing at young age, and got examined by Sasha Martinengo in 2000, but then stopped DJ’ing due to finances. So after saving for a long time, in late 2011 he got controller of his dreams, #VCI-400, and got back on track once again leaving all the records in garage, he now makes the use of digital music.

He has created this site to promote himself and to share with the world what South Africa has to offer in his own way!

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Favourite quote: “Life without music, would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche